Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair in Tomball, TX

Air Conditioning

Maintaining your car’s air conditioning system is essential to not only keeping you cool and comfortable during those hot summer days but also to prevent expensive repairs down the line. Without proper upkeep and maintenance, your car’s AC can break down more quickly due to decreased efficiency or failure of components.

If you’re experiencing air conditioning problems, such as air that isn’t cold enough or strange noises coming from under the hood, Pristal’s Automotive in Tomball, TX, is here to help. We can identify what’s causing your air conditioner problems so that you don’t have to suffer through a hot and uncomfortable car ride.

Our technicians start with a comprehensive inspection of the system to determine any existing or potential problems. We’ll then diagnose the issue, provide an estimate for repairs, and complete the work in our shop quickly and accurately. For air conditioning maintenance, we will flush out contaminated refrigerant from the system, replace any worn hoses, inspect all components for wear and tear, and recharge the AC with fresh coolant.

Don’t let air conditioning issues cause you discomfort. Let our experienced technicians restore your air conditioner and get you back on the road with cool air again. Schedule an appointment today for an air conditioning inspection at Pristal’s Automotive!

What to Look Out For:

  • Weak airflow
  • Strange noises coming from the AC system
  • Low air pressure or temperature when running the air conditioner
  • Poor air conditioning performance on hot days
  • Leaking refrigerant from the air conditioning system
  • Excessive moisture around air vents in the car 

At Pristal’s Automotive, we’ll make sure that your air conditioner is running properly so you can stay cool and comfortable no matter where your travels take you. Check with us before deciding on any major air conditioning repairs in Tomball, TX! We’ll give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done and help you decide on the best option for your vehicle. Contact us today to get started.