Vehicle Inspection & Diagnostic Services in Tomball, TX

Inspection and Diagnostic Services

By regularly inspecting and diagnosing your vehicle, you can detect any potential issues before they become more serious. From comprehensive inspections to engine diagnostic testing, Pristal’s Automotive’s team of experienced technicians is here to help ensure your car’s safety and performance on the road. We use only the latest tools and technology to diagnose any problems in a timely manner and offer comprehensive repair services if necessary. Our inspection services include checks of all systems, filters, and components, such as brakes, fuel lines, exhaust systems, spark plugs, and more. We also conduct computerized diagnostic tests that provide detailed information about various electronic components in your vehicle. With our inspection and diagnostic services, we guarantee peace of mind knowing that your car is running at its best possible performance. Contact us today to get started! 

When to Get a Car Inspection

While inspection intervals vary depending on the make and model, we recommend getting your car inspected at least once per year or every 15,000 miles. This helps keep your vehicle in good condition and prevents any costly repairs down the road.

Other instances where it’s ideal to consider a vehicle inspection include:

  • After purchasing a new or used car – A certified inspection is essential to ensure that all the components of your potential investment are functioning properly.
  • After experiencing a major repair or accident – Inspections can help make sure any repairs were done correctly and that no new issues have been created as a result of the incident.
  • Before long road trips – It’s best to have your car inspected before embarking on a long trip to avoid any unwanted surprises during your journey.
  • When experiencing strange noises or smelly odors – If you hear any unusual sounds or smell any strange smells, it’s important to get an inspection as soon as possible for peace of mind and safety.
  • Anytime your vehicle isn’t performing like it should be – An inspection can help uncover any underlying causes for why your car isn’t running at peak performance.


At Pristal’s Automotive, we take pride in offering top-notch inspection and diagnostic services in Tomball, TX, for vehicles of all makes and models. Contact us today to receive reliable inspection services at affordable prices. We look forward to helping your car get back on the road!